Hi everyone !

Well….. You know, it’s not easy to start a blog like this… I’ve never did something like this before but I will really try to do my best !

So, first things first, why did I have created this blog?

I appreciate to read blogs about fashion analysis and things like that but I have the feeling that people writing those blogs are not always very open… Of course I’m speaking of a minority of bloggers ! But you know, sometimes, when you’re not thinking the same way, it’s hard to make some bloggers understand that everyone have its own point of view and it’s totally normal…

I guess we don’t always dare to comment when we’re thinking differently and this is a major problem because we need to compare our vision of fashion to move on and to open our minds ! (tell me if i’m wrong but honestly I believe this is the best way to be openminded haha)

The concept of this blog is really simple

I don’t promise I will write articles everyday, but as soon as I have time I will post a fashion review (about catwalks, trends, designers, fashion icons and personality, or whatever) and I really would like that YOU share your point of view.

I really hope you’ll like this blog, by the way don’t hesitate to talk about this blog to your friends, family, followers, who you want, it’s pretty hard to have readers at the beginning so it would help me a lot… Thank you !

Tell me if you would like to see my articles written in english, in french (or in german but i’m not excellent haha) or both!

See you soon for my first fashion review ! xx


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